Security Alarm Systems

We can service and repair/replace existing security systems

But wait! there is now an alternative!!!Use your Mobile Phone to SET/UNSET your Alarm System
The good ole standard alarm system has been around now for around 40 years and really has not changed in essence much since the early days. The format is generally something like this: Front and back doors fitted with magnetic door contacts, patio doors also where required. PIR (Passive Infra Red Detector) sited in each room downstairs, hall, kitchen, dining room, lounge, etc. A Control Panel / Keypad fitted on the wall in the downstairs hallway (exit route) and a bell/siren enclosed in a box on the front facia of the building. How many times have people heard a bell or siren going off outside a property and absolutely nothing is done about it. This has been the standard insurance companies have stuck too, and the industry generally followed suit.
Until NOW!! we have the new exciting generation of security systems which will revolutionise the way in which we see our security in the future. We are now replacing old alarm panels with our new type of system “The Home Automation System” not only does this do the job of an existing alarm system but a lot!! Lot!! more. This means we can bring our old and tired alarm systems into the 21st century without breaking the bank and have the system work more effectively that it ever has. It can send alerts to your mobile phone telling you there is something that requires your attention, alarm activation, Fire, Flood, Power Loss to the home, CO2 alert. Also can inform you about general things like who is in the house, by monitoring who unset the system and at what time, it lets you know who is at home, especially comforting knowing the kids are home from school safe (cant make sure they are doing their homework though).
The system will tell you when someone has left the building by informing you the alarm has been set by whom and when, all on to your mobile phone. The phone does not need to be a smart phone, any phone which can receive text messaging will do. The system will send the messages to a number of numbers all at the same time (usually up to 8 but can be expanded for more). It can be programmed to have some phones which get all messages and other which only receive priority alerts. Say Monitoring Stations, Guarding Companies, Neighbours ,Relatives etc, especially handy if your away.
This basically involves replacing the old alarm panel and retrofitting a home automation box in place of it. The system can use existing detectors (should they still be of serviceable quality) and have the ability to extend and add/change different devices with no wiring whatsoever. These systems can switch on/off lighting, appliances, heating etc all from one little hand controller. It even sets and unsets your alarm system, opens your garage doors, opens your electric gates all from the same little unit. In fact anything electrical that requires switching on or off can be done by these small handy units. All this can be done from your mobile phone or the hand held controller.
As you can see the age of the old basic alarm systems are numbered and we can now get more out of our systems with very little need for major work. We can call and advise you of whats available and design a system around you and the way you live your life. Using the system is simplicity itself, in fact a lot easier that your previous alarm system.
Call us today and prepare to be amazed.