Wireless Alarm Systems

Trident specialise in all types of Security Systems, from Central Station Monitoring to Guarding response or just notification to authorised individuals.

We at Trident specialise in Wireless Alarm Technology, giving flexibility and reliability over conventional wired systems.

Trident Electronics has been installing wireless systems for over 6 years now and found them to have many advantages over conventional wired systems, we have listed just a few so you can see why:-

* No decorating required.
* No refitting of carpets.
* No lifting of floorboards.
* Drilling of walls etc generally not required.
* Alarm your outside areas like sheds, garages, gates etc, all wirelessly, and giving you the added peace of mind all is secure.
* Put detectors in your vehicle outside your property which will arm while your in once the alarm is set.
* Take the system with you should you move house or premises, you only ever need purchase one Wireless Alarm and you have it for life, massive cost saving for the future.
* Unit can be set/Unset from the remote keypad/Keyfob or Mobile phone. Even set your heating controls remotely, switch on/off any appliance or lighting all from your mobile phone.
* Reset system from your mobile phone wherever you get a phone signal (Even abroad)
* System will send you text messages about any events (up to 8 different phone numbers, more if required) like set/unset, who set or unset the alarm and at what time, Any alarm indications ie Intruder, Power Cuts, Flood Monitor, Fire activation, Low temperature alarm (should heating fail while you are away)
* Detector will take snapshot of any intruder and send to your smart phone so confirming alarm so giving Police confirmation of break in. **(Oasis & JA100 Model)

There are many other features on these systems which are inbuilt, and when required giving you not only a security system, but a Fire Alarm, Flood Alarm, Panic Alarm, Medical Alarm and notification or Power loss to your property while you are away.

The Trident Wireless System can be fitted with your existing wired alarm system giving you all the above features, plus the added enhancement of fitting wireless detectors. Basically it makes a hybrid system which utilises part of your existing alarm system saving costs and making the system easier to use.
Simplicity itself to use, to set or unset the Trident System only requires either a single press on a button key fob to set the system, by pressing one button on the keypad or it can be set from any mobile phone (smart phone not required) which will then send you a confirmation that the system is set.

Perimeter Protection
One of the new ways of looking at security that has been up to now largely ignored is the benefit of perimeter security. This means alerting you to a presence outside your property, either fence line, home or garden areas. Trident Systems can alert you prior to anyone coming near, or on your property. This can be just a local audible alert (ie buzzer, sounder, indicator light etc), an automatic call to a guarding company (if your asleep) who can come along and check all is well even when you don’t know something needs attention. This can all be done totally wirelessly in the majority of cases. This means you can move detectors around your property at will, giving you all the flexibility you will need in a perimeter system. This can be linked into your main alarm if desired and be set when the main system is armed. This is like giving you having a castle moat around your property, no one gets near without detection and alerting the relevant people.